Früher War Alles Besser.

A humans jar, some place are replaced by pigs teeth, on the right a glitched image of David Cameron who fucked a dead pig in the mouth

Früher war alles besser: in the past, everything was better.

That's a famous saying in Germany, and it seems to resonate quite well with the way the United Kingdom’s electorate feels and its Government does politics at this moment in time. One thing Britain is known for across the globe is bad teeth - and bad dental care. I went back to Victorian England to FACT CHECK the hypothesis that everything was better in the past. If so, English dental care must have been BETTER in the PAST. It wasn't. People's fake teeth rotted in their mouth.

To make sure people are aware that not everything was actually better in the past, I went out of my way to recreate this smell. Digging graves seemed a bit too unhygienic to me (all the dirt and bacteria..) so I resorted to the Conservative’s best friend: The Pig. I pulled its teeth and made them rot. I have the rotten teeth in a Tupperware jar. Come for a smell to ascertain whether EVERYTHING was better in the past. Yeah.

This is the ominous device! (It's been used a lot). Oh also… Früher war alles besser is usually used ironically.

time travelling device/jar filled with rotten pigs teeth