The Prmomise / Das Versprechen


Part of a five-piece theatre series called 'Freies Theater' at Vierte Welt. Click here to read all about on their website.

A devised piece in which we tried to find moments of freedom through telling stories. Dirk Cieslak remembers 1968 and how he felt the possibility of uprising. In Bremen. So we drove to Bremen and saw for ourselves.

In the process we made an hour long film, documenting our voyage to Bremen, where we sang together, read books from the time, discussed serious issues and just generally got to know each other better.

When we invited an audience to watch the film with us, we went deeper into these serious topics and kept pushing forward our wishes and hopes for the future. We allowed each other space to say foolish things, because as friends, we are there for each other and willing to listen.

With Christoph Wirth, Dirk Cieslak, Marcus Reinhardt, Noa Carvajal, Johannes Maas, Valentina Primavera and myself. You can find the official description of the piece over here on the Vierte Welt website.